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The Ultimate Pay Parking Experience in the Metro Manila

UPark delivers unmatched parking services in Manila, catering to diverse customer needs. Recognizing the significance of efficient parking, we provide tailored solutions for a seamless experience. Our facilities boast cutting-edge technology and a proficient team skilled in managing all aspects of pay parking. At UPark, we prioritize customer satisfaction, ensuring an exceptional parking journey for all parkers in the city.

Traffic Management

Unlock hassle-free urban travel at uPark.ph. Navigate traffic snarls with real-time updates and optimal routes. Find convenient parking effortlessly. Simplify your journey, reduce congestion, and embrace smarter mobility. Join uPark.ph now for a smoother city experience.

Car Park Marketing

UPark provides advertising space for businesses and brands that aim to target a specific market through our volume of parkers in Metro Manila.We accept promotions for brands who want to set-up their billboards or print marketing collateral on our parking facility.

Car Park Planning

With UPark’s expertise on parking management here in Metro Manila, we have the technical know-how on providing strategic parking design demands. Our car park planning and designing include important attributes like easy entry, egress, parking stalls and logical traffic flow.

Automated Parking System

UPark offers automated parking system for a swift, reliable, and safe transaction for everyone. With Automated parking system, parkers can just pay the clerk on the front, park the car, and let the automated parking system take care of the transaction.

Valet Services

UPark has a valuable experience in ensuring a smooth valet service management system for every client and customer, from achieving efficiency and smooth transaction at the parking facility.

Most Trusted Parking Management Company

Our level of experience in the conceptualization, designing and construction is unparalleled in the industry. Our management expertise coupled with our value added services we provide make us the Metro Manila’s Most Trusted Parking Management Company

Contact Details

UPark Main Head Office

 23rd St, Corner Antonio C, Delgado St, Port Area, Manila, 1018 Metro Manila



Let the Expert Do it

Parking is a key component in setting guests and patrons at ease as they arrive at your establishment. It is considered as the first encounter and should imprint a lasting Impression.

The demand for parking spaces including lots, garages, valet services are higher than ever especially here in Metro Manila.

With 14 years of experience, UPark’s competence in planning and designing solutions for every car park management challenge has been nothing but excellent. Every initiative is unique and comprehensive, perfectly tailored for our client needs. We find solutions to the challenges of clients in managing a parking space and let them focus with their core competencies

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