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Business Unit

Leading Off-dock Depot Operators
in Metro Manila

SeaContainer has been continuously initiating efforts and working for ways and means toward improving the delivery of service to all its valued customers. The company believes that efficiency is always a dynamic process. SeaContainer recognize that in order to have an efficient and reliable operations a dependable handling equipment must be put in place and employed. Cognizant of this commitment, SeaContainer has acquired Four (4) brand new Tower Cranes and additional two (2) 35 tons capacity mobile cranes to augment or support the handling requirement of its customers. Proudly, SeaContainer is the only off-dock depot in Manila to have as much handling equipment that supports its operations.

Pre-trip Inspection

Seacontainer provides reefer PTI services, reefer plugging monitoring and repair of reefer carcass or structural reefer bodies, We have 30 plugging points that can accommodate 30 reefer units.

Repair on Truck

SeaContainer has an exclusive repair area to ensure safe, fast and uninterrupted repair of all damaged containers. The container repair is 35 units per day dedicated for container repair only.

Video Presentation

Telling the prospect that you want to know inside the yard and a show clip that illustrates a certain point. pay close attention to a certain spot to see and hear the most important point of the clip.


Seacontainer depot corporation in a collaboration with other Shipping Container yards creates a very convenient way to deposit and withdraw the said shipping container.

Flat Rack

Looking for flatrack container services, then look no further than SeaContainer. We can help you ship your products and equipment in one of our flatrack containers.


We’ve all heard about the importance of cleaning and disinfecting shipping containers. We can help you clean it. We have a team who are experienced.


SeaContainer recognize that well trained and reliable personnel are the key to success in every business and operations. Hence, all SeaContainer staffs are professionally trained to provide first class service to customers. In addition field personnel were also trained to provide on and off-site valued added service as well as the other specific needs of the customer.

Contact Details

UPark Main Head Office

 23rd St, Corner Antonio C, Delgado St, Port Area, Manila, 1018 Metro Manila



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