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Business Unit


VelcoAsia Management is a medium-sized Philippine enterprise consisting of more than 20 member companies with over 500 organic and over 10,000 non-organic employees. The member companies are recognized industry leaders in their specialized field of business.

The strength of the member companies are the core qualities of character of its officers and staff members. Highly ethical commitment to professionally serve customers’ requirements, determination, strategic conception and action, strong team spirit, enjoyment in the job, building confidence, fairness and fostering cooperation among its co-employees. Management leads by example through a commitment that empowers the organization at every level to strive for the highest levels of quality of service, efficient and cost-effective customer care and shareholders.


To make our clients more competitive by delivering customized products and services that meet their needs and help them achieve their goals.


To be recognized as a trusted vendor/service provider that delivers the best quality and value for money to all our clients in a wide range of industries leading to a better world.

Core Values

Here at Velco Asia, every member company is not just affiliated with us for the sole purpose of management. Our vision and mission is beyond more than just that.

Because here at VelcoAsia, part of our goal is to help each member company to further strengthen their business, reputation, and brand. By helping them gain connections to other companies, and other industries. By helping them be more connected to the fast-changing world.

The core values of the company are the guiding principles that shape its culture and define its identity. These values serve as our compass for every decision and guide each of the employees day-to-day tasks. They reflect the company’s beliefs, ethics, and commitment to excellence. By upholding these core values, the company strives to create a positive impact on its employees, customers, and stakeholders while maintaining integrity and fostering a collaborative environment.

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