About Us

VelcoAsia Management is a medium-sized Philippine enterprise consisting of 15 member companies with over 350 regular employees and over 5,000 project-based employment. The member companies are recognized industry leaders in their specialized field of business.

The strength of the member companies are the core qualities of character of its officers and staff members. Highly ethical commitment to professionally serve customers’ requirements, determination, strategic conception and action, strong team spirit, enjoyment in the job, building confidence, fairness and fostering cooperation among its co-employees. Management leads by example through a commitment that empowers the organization at every level to strive for the highest levels of quality of service, efficient and cost effective customer care and shareholders.

The vision and mission of VelcoAsia is to consistently strive for excellence to meet customers’ needs and expectations and stay ahead of competition by innovating new products and services, bench marking from what we used to do and consistently the respected leader in businesses that we are engaged in.