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Business Unit

Pacific Security System

Serving more than 5 million hotel guests every day and this is still growing. At a time that the world and its technology are changing rapidly, VingCard will be evolving with them to surely surpass all its competitors.

MySpace Hotel

We provide you superior cleanliness, restful sleep on pocket spring hotel beds, and happy memories to your destinations. Take a short break to just get away from it all or planning to be within BGC and Makati.

Why Join Us?

Being a part of VelcoAsia is being a part of a dynamic company where you will have the opportunity to work with many talented and experienced people who can guide in employees’ career development; become a part of a community where employees get a chance to network and build connections; enjoy the perks and benefits offered to employees; have a peace of mind with the security of working in a stable company; and internal transfers and promotions are given the highest priority when filling up a vacant or new position within the company.

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