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Your Transformation Partner

A service provider of contract solution packages, complete with tools equipment, specialized machinery, and trained workers. Our manpower pool is behind some of the most labor-intensive industries such as construction and manufacturing.

We at TOTC Inc. envision ourselves as the frontrunners of the service contracting industry, leveraging our 16 years of experience in the field to bring the best possible outcomes to our customers and clients.

Training Services

Welding is in-demand across industries here in the Philippines, which explains the bulk of welding training centers densely located within the same expanses as some of the biggest corporations in the country. International welding certification entities are usually the ones to evaluate these welding training centers. In Manila, there are several accredited centers for learning, with us, TOTC Inc. being one of them.

Service Contracting

Service contracting refers to the arrangement between TOTC Incorporate and our clients in providing services from technical requirements, equipment, and manpower.We, as a service contractor, engage in an agreement between the company by defining the scope of work and key performance indicators for the partnership.

Contact Details

Manila Office :

 2nd Floor, Myers Building Corner Roberto S. Oca and Antonio C. Delgado St., Port Area, Manila, 1018

 (02) 8523-7070

 whatsnew@totc.com.ph / careers@totc.com.ph


For 16 years, TOTC has served as a reliable service provider to businesses across the Philippines. We have the right assets, state-of-the-art equipment, and operational expertise to guarantee complete service for our client’s projects. We have a team of experts to guide you through the whole process, from consultation to evaluation.

Our competitive advantage as service providers is realized in our capacity to discover talented people who will form part of the Filipino workforce, empower them with industry knowledge on welding programs, before employing and deploying them to businesses both in the local and international scene.

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