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Energies Supply Main Offices :

 Mary Bachrach Building, Ground Floor Corner 25th & Railroad Streets, Port Area 1018

 0977-828-7070 | 0918-827-7070


Coal Storage Facilities Location :

Navotas Fish Port

Location :
Navotas Fish Port Complex, Northbay Blvd. South, Navotas, Metro Manila
Description :
3,500 sq.m. Storage Facility - 2,500 of which are covered

Harbor Centre

Location :
Terminal 2, Baradero St. Navotas Fishport Complex, Navotas, Metro Manila
Description :
2,500 sq.m. Storage Facility – open; along shoreline

Vitas Industrial Estate

Location :
Vitas Industrial Association Pier 18, Vitas, Tondo, Manila
Description :
10,000sq.m Facility; 2,000 of which is cemented ground and 2,500 is covered; has 75m shoreline; and complete with coal fines settling pond.

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