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UPark offers an all-inclusive parking service tailored to any budget and situation, ensuring a smooth experience. With state-of-the-art equipment and trained staff, UPark provides top-notch service at its lots. With 14 years of experience in parking management, UPark is part of Velco Asia Management and Toplis Solutions Inc. Group. They provide excellent services at major intersections, including hotels, hospitals, shopping centers, and business complexes. UPark specializes in professional and effective parking solutions for automobiles and motorcycles, ensuring a pleasant experience for clients.

Why Join Us?

Being a part of VelcoAsia is being a part of a dynamic company where you will have the opportunity to work with many talented and experienced people who can guide in employees’ career development; become a part of a community where employees get a chance to network and build connections; enjoy the perks and benefits offered to employees; have a peace of mind with the security of working in a stable company; and internal transfers and promotions are given the highest priority when filling up a vacant or new position within the company.

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