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The Philippines One and Only Silica Super Store

As a reputable silica supplier in the Philippines, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality silica products to various industries. Our commitment is to offer high-grade silica at competitive prices, making us an affordable silica supplier of choice. From construction to manufacturing, we understand the importance of this versatile material. With a strong focus on quality control, we ensure that every batch of silica we supply meets the strict standards required for your applications. Whether it’s for concrete production, glass manufacturing, or other industrial needs, we have the right solution. Contact us today for your silica requirements and experience our commitment to quality and affordability.

Contact Details

Head Office:

 G/f Mary Bachrach Bldg. Port Area Manila


Porac Plant Site:

 Brgy. Mainaga Porac, Pampanga Ayungon


Quarry & Port:

 Brgy. Calagcalag, Ayungon Negros Oriental



To harness the country’s potential silica, pozzolan and other non-metallic mineral resources in order to produce materials that are essential to nation building such as cement production, construction, agriculture and other industrial applications.

To provide end-to-end service of quality imported raw materials for the glass manufacturing and industrial companies.


We shall become a major player in the development and production of silica, pozzolan and non-metallic minerals in the country, and producer of value-added products essential to cement production, construction, agriculture and other industrial applications by 2025. We shall diversify sourcing of raw material for our clients to achieve a more reliable, efficient and timely delivery of their silica and other mineral requirements.

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