Toplis Solutions

toplis solutions
Toplis Solutions, Inc. is a Professional Outsourcing Organization that provides an integrated and cost-effective approach to help different groups to focus on growing their business and most importantly, increasing their revenues. Our expertise is in the line of:

* Staffing
* Warehouse Management Services
* Marketing Services and
* Auxiliary Services

With a portfolio of expertise to fit your every concern, TOPLIS interconnects several areas of service from warehousing your goods, merchandising them, distributing wares, and hiring the right people to handle the job to bring you satisfaction and efficiency from the same source.

Our commitment to excellence, reliability, speed, and efficiency can only be backed by the strengths of officers and staff who have more than 20 years of experience in the industry. More important, you can be sure that you are being carried by the strength of the TOPLIS organization, a company supported by a group of investors who specialize in the financial, property development, insurance services and logistics provider specializing in bulk materials for the manufacturing industry.

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toplis solutions