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Established in 1997, Rock Energy International Corporation began its minerals and bulk logistics services with its own importation of 8,000 metric tons of coal. By the end of year 2007 the annual volume of coal sold by the company reached an average of 140,000 metric tons. Since then the company had gained the trust of the better and leading companies in various industries that uses coal as a source of energy in their manufacturing process.

In year 2009, Rock Energy acquired and developed a fully covered coal storage facility for 8,000 metric tons; this is known as Coal store 1. This facility provides added confidence to small boiler users (SBU). Customers’ are assured of relative stable and dry coal especially during the rainy season. In addition, Rock Energy developed a coal discharging port known as Store 2. This coal discharging facility can handle barges up to 5,000 metric tons. The storage area of 7,000 square meters known as Coal Store 2 can handle up to 20,000 metric tons of coal or other dry bulk minerals.

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Rock Energy on January 2005, acquired a coal-mining permit at Liguan, Rapu-Rapu Island, Albay.  The company, BatanCoal Resources Corporation took over the mine development. The phase one of the project was completed last 2008 and phase 2 of mine development is on going. Commercial production started on December 2013 with a total expected extraction of 125,000 metric tons over a period of 2 years. This underground coal-mine of the company produces good quality coal with following specifications:

  • Total Moisture – 14%
  • Inherent Moisture – 7.0%
  • Volatile Matter – 40%
  • Fixed Carbon – 38%
  • Ash – 16%
  • Calorific Value (air-dried) – 5800 kcal/kg
  • Sulfur – 0.7%

The modest production of approximately 3,000 metric tons a month are all sold to a manufacturing plant in view of its coal quality.

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To further enhance and provide a total supply chain service to valued customers of the company, Rock Energy formed a wholly owned subsidiary, EnergiesSupply Chain Solutions, Inc. that offers on time delivery of bulk materials to customers from source, anywhere in the Philippines or from any member country in the Asean (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).

In year 2010, EnergiesSupply acquired, designed and developed a specialized bulk material handling facility for the unloading and loading of coal and other dry bulk minerals such as clinker, silica sand, etc.  This port facility, known as Store 5 is designed to efficiently discharge or load barges with sizes up to 10,000 metric ton capacity.  The guaranteed discharging rate is at 3,000 metric tons per 24 hours operations.

The company’s “barge pier” can simultaneously handle 2 barges at a time plus a stockpile area of 25,000 square meters. Likewise, for sensitive dry bulk cargo, a well-built warehouse of 3,000 square meters is provided.

In addition the company has a specialized bulk logistics services managed by career professionals with extensive experience in warehousing, inventory management and logistics services.  A fleet of brand new and well-maintained heavy equipment; 4 units wheel loaders and 4 units excavators, 4 units dump trucks, units, 2 dust boss equipment and a warehouse sprinkler system are the appropriate support equipment that provides the reliable and efficient service to the company’s valued customers.

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In year 2000, Rock Energy with its raw material supply chain experience and bulk material logistics skills reached an agreement with a number of glass manufacturing plants. The company formed a wholly owned subsidiary, Sio2 Resources Corporation to handle this supply chain commitment and responsibility to valued customers.

Sio2 Resources, handled the sourcing, importation, storage and provide land transport to achieve an “on time delivery of high-grade silica sand to several plants of valued customers. This supply chain agreement with several manufacturing plants has been on going for the past 14 years.

This raw material supply chain agreements is a strength appreciated by the company’s valued customers and over the past several years, the raw material supply contracts were extended to cover selenium and feldspar.

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